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The General Conditions of Sale (GCS)
« For holidays that suit you »
30 Rue de la Farigoule,
34 770 GIGEAN

Website :www.chaletleden.com
E-mail :reservations@chaletleden.com
SIRET : 492 813 811 000 22
Start of activity : 01/01/2004
APE code :6820 A
Update Statement Prefecture of Savoy :673819820588 the 31/12/2011
Address of properties set up for seasonal rental :

Chalet l’EDEN (L’Edelweiss, Le Plein Sud, Le Panoramique)
403 Rue des Chasseurs Alpins,

  • « L’EDELWEISS », Ground floor of the chalet L’EDEN (4 people)
  • « LE PLEIN SUD », Ground floor of the chalet L’EDEN (15 people)
  • « LE PANORAMIQUE », L’EDEN chalet duplex (15 people)

The term tenant or customer defines an individual and / or any operator who organizes trips or stays, on behalf of its own clients or members.


When booking your stay on the website, the client shall check carefully and accept our general Conditions of sales, which stabled our rental conditions. Therefore, while booking a stay the client accepts all those clauses. The electronic signature validates the client agreement to our general rental conditions.

After the compulsory validation of the general rental conditions by electronic signature and before the payment of your stay or the deposit, the rental contract is sent to the client and shall be duly completed, and return alongside with all the information necessary for the creation of the reservation file (guest list, insurance, deposits, payment of tourist tax…).

If the booking payment has not been made by Credit Card, the GCS (general conditions of sales) shall be signed by the client and shall be returned with the rental contract after signature and “good for agreement”.

The client shall agree and sign the general conditions of sales (GCS) at least 35 days before his arrival and he shall returns all the documents and all the regulations concerning his stay.

If there is an overbooking due to a computer bug, a booking platform that failed in transmitting a reservation or two customers who booked the same chalet at the same time, NEIGESOLEIL undertakes to inform its clients within the next 48 hours at the latest; it will automatically cancel both stays and immediately reimburse the amounts paid. Upon the client request, NEIGESOLEIL shall look for a similar stay among its properties or through its closest partners. NEIGESOLEIL has no obligation of result.
In the case of a double booking and/or the impossibility of finding an identical rental, the client will not be able to demand or claim damages suffered.

The tenant is expected to enjoy the rental in a peaceful manner and to make good use of it.

All furniture, bedding and tableware included in the inventory, given at the time of booking, shall be put back to their places when leaving the premises.

The customer undertakes to use the sanitary, electrical and heating installations with all the precautions of use.

All necessary repairs due to guest negligence shall be considered full responsibility of the tenant who is present at the time of the intervention.

The tenant agrees for all repairs, which may be necessary during the stay and accepts to leave a key for the worker, whether the latter is a company or a maintenance person.


The individual customer, the association, the works council or the travel agency, having subscribed to a rental contract undertakes to take possession of the premises on the date mentioned in the contract and to stay there until the last day of the contract.

The procedure for paying the balance can be modify at any time by the renter ; the tenant agrees to pay the balance of his stay 35 days before the date of his arrival.

In the event of non-payment from the client of the balance within this period and after the mandatory 24 hours extended period, the accommodation previously booked shall be released and available for new guests. There are no possibility for the tenant to evade this clause ; any amounts already paid shall remain acquired by the host.

Any cancellation that is carried out at least two months before the date of arrival shall be notified by registered letter justifying the reasons of the cancellation, the payments and any amounts already paid shall remain definitively possession of the renter without any possible recourse.


The host who offers services to his customer is the only interlocutor of the latter and shall answers to him for the execution of the obligations arising from this rental terms and conditions.

The host shall not be held accountable for fortuitous events, force majeur events or facts external not related to the accommodation and which would deprive the customer, partially or totally, of the enjoyment of the rental.

The host can not be held accountable for activities, events, visits, rates, curiosities, itineraries, routes or reversals that are not under its responsibility, any modifications that may occur in the programs of villages, Tourist Office or bus operator or various organizers, lifts, ski areas that are independent of the rental agreement, including typographical errors that would mislead a place, distance, price or phrase in a text, an oversight or misinformation on a plate, a description or an announcement. All the facts stated above are foreign to the booking of the stay and can not result in discount, a request for damages.

The “General Public” rates published on the NEIGESOLEIL website or on the “support” announcements has been determined on a standard capacity of the following number of adults :

« L’EDELWEISS » : 2 adults, 2 children under 16 years old
« LE PLEIN SUD » : 7 adults, 8 children under 16 years old
« LE PANORAMIQUE » : 10 adults, 5 children under 16 years old

For a higher number of adults, the “General Public” rates generate an updated price of the stay, the price of the stay plus the price per additional adult varies according to the rental periods.

The price of the stay has been set taking into account the information given by the customer at the time of pre-booking, in particular the date and duration of the stay and the number and composition of the group (adults / children under 18 years old).

The “General Public” rates are applicable if the group composition is less than or equal to both the number and the composition adults / children of the standard capacity described above.

This rental contract is reserved exclusively for the activity of renting seasonal furnished accommodations, and apply to all clients regardless the origin of their booking ((Direct, BOOKING, AIRBNB, EXPEDIA, TRIPADVISOR, CHALET MONTAGNE, LOCASUN, ABRITEL etc.)

Methods of payment (deposits, instalment payments, balances and Para-Hoteliers services) :

If the client lives in France : payment by CB or Credit card using our secure online platform accessible from our website. Holiday vouchers are accepted. Exceptionally, payments can be made by check or bank transfer. Payments can be made through our 2 secure banking platforms, LYDIA and STRIPE.

If the client lives abroad : payment by international credit card on our secured online platform accessible from our website, by bank transfer or by cash upon arrival.

The payment of the booking, depending on periods and type of rental chosen can be carried out by deposits or instalment payments.

The deposits or payment by instalments rules shall apply in fact and in law.

In case of any specification was made between advances or deposits, the deposit terms shall apply.

At the time of the reservation, the price is set based on the number of guests declared.

If one or more people could not join the group for the stay as planned, the price of the stay shall remain unchanged; any refunding or claim for compensation shall be refused.

Upon receipt of the contract, if the guest composition is greater than the one initially declared, the client shall write the lessor informing him and asking to add the extra guest/s (ultimately, only the lessor shall be in power of accept or refuse).

If the lessor agrees on the number of people, he will offer the customer a new stay price taking into account the new guest composition. The written response of the lessor will be sent to the tenant to confirm or not the stay and will be imposed in fact and in law on the tenant.

If at the arrival, or during the stay, one or more people are added to the guest composition (within the limit of the maximum capacity), it will be asked to report it without any delay to the renter.

Indeed, the composition influencing the price of the stay, a supplement will be requested per person before, during or after the stay, the sums due from the new composition may be deducted from the deposit by fact and law.

If an additional change on arrival or during the stay were made without our knowledge, the amount of the additional rent fixed by the renter would be immediately required or taken from the deposit if necessary.

If an excess in the guest capacity allowed is noted by the renter or his representative at the guest arrival, or during the stay and without any formal validation from the rental company, the rental could be cancelled. A new amount shall be decided unilaterally by the lessor and shall be imposed in fact and in law to the tenant. All fees and costs related to the procedure shall be charged to the tenant.

Indeed, exceeding the maximum capacity can cause discomfort, but also jeopardize the safety of persons and property.

In the latter case, the lessor shall take all measures, including unilateral ones if the condition requires it and exceed the terms and clauses of the rental contract and its annexes.


Accommodation capacity varies from one to 15 people.

If the number of the guests exceeds the accommodation capacity, the lessor can refuse the additional guests.

Each rental has an average standard capacity (adults, children under 6) corresponding to the “General Public” rates.

The rental must be strictly and exclusively occupied by the number of guests described in the rental contract, children (including infants) are considered full occupants. The list of guests with last name, first name and the date of birth is mandatory.

Any change in the composition of additional guests added after the signing of the rental contract shall involve by fact and law the updating of the price of the stay.

The capacity is limited to 15 people max per accommodation for safety and comfort reasons.

The exact composition can be monitored at any time for safety reasons by the institutions.

The tenant confirms to limit himself to the number of guests allowed. The price of the stay is set out in relation to the guest composition. For reasons of comfort and safety, the accommodations cannot contain more people than the number decided by the lessor.

The composition validated at the pre-booking bind the tenant(s) to respect it. In the case of non-respect of the guest capacity allowed the cancellation of the stay can be accomplished in fact and in law.


The tenant signatory to this contract, which is valid for a given period of time shall not in any circumstances claim any right to remain in the premises at the end of the rental period and after the departure time provided in the contract, except written agreement of the host.

The guest strictly comply, as occupant of the premises, with the clauses set out in the rental contract, its annexes, and in the general conditions of sales.


The “General Public” rates are established according to the “standard” capacity of each accommodation.

The number of guests and their age may modify the “standard” capacity and therefore the price.

If composition of the group is less than or equal to the “standard” capacity, the General Public rates shall apply.

If the number of guest and its composition exceed the terms in both number of adults and number of guests allowed, the amount of the stay shall be modified in fact and in law.

The offers of the Privileges Pass, given to all our customers, are immediately deductible from the price of the stay upon validation of the eligible criteria by NEIGESOLEIL. The advantages of the Privileges Pass must be requested by the customers by email. If this is not the case, the advantages in fact and in law are not granted.

Customers who book their stay on another platform than NEIGESOLEIL are not be able to benefit from the numerous advantages of the Privilege Pass. To be eligible for the advantages of the “Privileges” Pass, the “live” reservation must be made on the website: www.chaletleden.com. A reservation is validated by the signature of the rental contract and it is the date of signature of the rental contract that confirms the granting or not of the discounts.

“Former Guest” Loyalty Discount :

We offer 5 % discount to our former customers who book a new stay within the next 12 months after the end of their previous stay.

It cannot be combined with the Early Booking discount, Flash sale, last minute and promo codes.

Combinable with “Refer a family” discount (100.00 €), “Social Network” discount (100.00 €), Payment by holiday vouchers or payment by instalments.

Early Booking :

Discounts are granted for stays booked between 18 and 6 months before the arrival date. The client must go live on the website www.chaletleden.com and it cannot be combined with a discount already granted on the stay.

Valid only via a direct booking on the NEIGESOLEIL website and obligatorily before the payment of the deposits or the instalment payments, requesting by email the application of the relevant Early Booking discount. Failing this procedure, no Early Booking discount will be applied in fact and in law.

Failing this procedure, no Early Booking discount will be applied in fact and in law.

Stays booked between 18 and 12 months before the arrival date, discount of 7 %.

Stays booked between 12 and 6 months before the arrival date, 5 % discount.

It cannot be combined with the Former Guest Loyalty discount, promo codes, Flash sales, last minute discount, “Refer a family” discount, and “Social Networks” discount.

Combinable with payment by instalments and holiday vouchers.

Payment by instalments :

In order to benefit from a smooth payment method for the stay. NEIGESOLEIL offers its customers the possibility of paying in several instalments without any fee or interest.

The instalments can be set according to the number of months between the reservation and the arrival date. Please visit the site www.chaletleden.com for more information.

It cannot be combined with holiday vouchers.

Combinable with “Refer a family” discount, “Social Networks” discount, Early Booking or “Former Guest” Loyalty discount, as well as the promo codes.

“Refer a family” discount :

If a family that one of our customer introduce to us reserve one of our accommodation on a date different from our former customer but in the same calendar year, a discount of 100.00 € will be offer to the person who referred the family.

It cannot be combined with promo codes, flash sale or last minutes offers.

Combinable with the “Former Guest” loyalty discount, the Early Booking, the “Social Networks” discount, the payment by instalments, and the holiday vouchers.

“Social Networks” discount – NEIGESOLEIL Ambassador :

For each customer who spent a stay in one of our rentals and who share photos, 5/5 favourable feedbacks on Facebook and Google My Business, posts, videos, stories, lives no later than 30 days after his departure.

After validation from our services, a discount of 100.00 € will be offer to him to be spent on his next stay with us.

This offer cannot combined with promo codes, flash sales or last minute.

Combinable with the loyalty discount “Former Guest” or the Early Booking, the “Refer a family” discount and the payment by instalments or holiday vouchers.

Flash Sales & Last minute offers :

Discounts on stays are offered all year round with “last minute offers” at “bargain” prices.

Flash or last-minute sales can not be combined with any other Privilege Pass offer (“Former Guest” loyalty discount , Early Booking, “Refer a family” discount, “Social Networks” discount, promo codes…).

It is combinable only with holiday vouchers as well as the payment by instalments if the reservation is made at least 3 months before the arrival day.

“Promo” codes (NEIGESOLEIL, Influencers, Bloggers) :

A “promo” code, granted from NEIGESOLEIL, cannot be combined with any other discount of the “Privilege” pass.

Except with holiday vouchers, payment by instalments (only if the reservation is made 3 months before the arrival date).

ANCV – Holiday vouchers :

You can pay all or part of your stay with holiday vouchers. The payment must be made 45 days before the start of the stay.

They cannot be combined with payment by instalments.

Combinable with the “Former Guest” loyalty discount, “Refer a family” discount, “Social Networks” discount, flash sales and last minute offers, promo codes and Early Booking.


The amount of the stay does not include administrative costs, EDF charges, and tourist tax as well as para-hoteliers services. The options and para-hoteliers services are not mandatory.

  • Tourist tax :

1,00 € per night / par person over 18 y.o.

  • Electricity :

The actual consumption shall apply (EDF kWh rate + subscription / week and various taxes of the energy distributor).

A contradictory electricity reading of the EDF meter shall take place on arrival and departure day.

A weighted billing of 0.18 € per kW apply including a mixed prorata temporis / Kws subscription (for information only, rate applied on the 24/03/2022).

Electricity shall be paid at the time of the contradictory inventory of fixture at the end of the stay or when leaving the premises in the event of early departure.

  • Application fees :

The application fee is 50.00 € including administrative management of the file and your access to the extranet connection area.

These are added automatically before the booking process on our website www.chaletleden.com


The reservation becomes final when the final guest list is validated and corresponds to the standard capacity to apply “General Public” rates.

The public price displayed takes into account an average adult / child composition per accommodation. If the composition requested by the client is higher due to a higher number of adults, the price of the stay is by fact and law adapted to the actual composition of the group and reassessed.

In this event, a written quote offer is immediately sent to the customer.

After reaching an agreement with NEIGESOLEIL in relation with the price of the stay / guest composition, a deposit or advance corresponding to 25 % of the stay shall be paid in order to formalise the booking for the chosen period.

The deposit or advance will be settled according to your convenience: immediate payment by Credit Card, holidays vouchers (reception at the latest 48 hours from the reception of the e-mail of pre-reservation). Payment by check or by bank transfer shall be accepted if it is received within a strict period of 48 hours.

After this period and failing the payment process, the accommodation shall be released and available for new guests in fact and in law.

The customer can consult the dates of the booking on the website and, if mentioned, whether the payment for your reservation is by advance or deposit. This mention shall be always stated on the rental contract.


In the event of a reservation that occurs less than 35 days before the arrival date, a full payment shall be required during the pre-booking, including the total amount of the stay, the booking fees, the tourist tax and any other options chosen by the customer.

For the “standard” capacity, the applying conditions for the price of the stay are set out above.


The customer shall agrees to return duly signed and completed all the documents, to clear his balance as well as the services and options at least 35 days before the start of his stay. The customer shall book Para-Hoteliers services at least 45 days before the arrival date.

A booking who has not been paid by the customer on the due date shall be considered cancelled in fact and in law.

The terms of the deposit and advance according to the period shall apply in fact and in law.

Any cancellation made by the customer must be notified by a registered letter and sent to NEIGESOLEIL.

Once the deposit is paid, if a customer decided to cancel his reservation, the full amount of the stay shall be due to NEIGESOLEIL, including peripheral costs (booking fees, tourist tax) when the stay has been booked as a deposit.

If a customer cancel his stay, the amount that has already been paid such as the deposit will not be refunded.

If a customer for some reason does not show up at the agreed time on the arrival day, no refunds shall be issued.

In this event the accommodation shall be released and available for new guests in fact and in law, and without delay after the 24 hours.


The stay may be cancelled before the beginning or during its course due to exceptional circumstances and events, independent from the will and/or responsibility of the lessor, such as: weather hazards, avalanches, fire, leakage or water damage or damage caused by the previous tenant, technical problems, electrical problems related to access, safety, property problems, pipes freeze, hot water balloon failure, obstructed or clogged pipes, degradation of the property by the previous tenant, municipal order or any other circumstances that can justify the cancellation of a stay, etc…

In one of this event, the lessor can contacts tourism organisms to find an alternative accommodation for his guests if the situation is requiring it and for the period of time of the disturbance. The renter aim to meet your requirements, nevertheless the alternative accommodation offered can have a different capacity, even inferior, and / or be located in another massif so that the guests can still benefit from their holidays in a disrupted time.

The customer shall claim for compensation his own insurance company under the damage / cancellation / interruption of stay clause, which will be competent. Therefore, any interruption or cancellation of the reservation shall not give the right to the customer to ask a refund or indemnity to the lessor, for any reason whatsoever.

An amicable and exceptional agreement with the lessor can be proposed exceptionally and without any juridical obligation, for example the postponement of the stay to another date within the limit of its availability for an identical period of time knowing that the total amount of the stay has previously been paid.

In the event of full payment of the reservation balance, the lessor may offer an alternative replacement if there is availability; nevertheless no obligation is imposed on the lessor, all costs related to the new administrative procedure shall be undertake fully by the tenant.

If this is the case and if the dates of the new stay correspond to a higher rate, the difference shall be paid by the tenant together with the administrative and management fees.


In case of the cancellation of the stay due to the impossibility to access the accommodation, caused by bad weather, booking mistakes and / or other exceptional circumstances from NEIGESOLEIL, safety commission imposing a prerequisite to rent all or part of the accommodations ERP type, municipal decree with a precautionary principle or other any reason, no compensation or damage refund shall be due from the lessor, the sums paid as deposit shall be refunded to the customer.

In the event of an early interruption of the stay by tenant’s choice, it shall be confirmed by the tenant writing to the lessor.

No refunded shall be made or requested as mentioned in the contract terms, including in the case of an exceptional event such as a pandemic or major health problems in France or beyond.

The tenant shall immediately inform the lessor or his representative in order to carry out the inventory of fixtures and pay the balance due before the tenant departure, all costs related to the procedure shall be due by the tenant and are payable at the exit.

In the event of booking cancellation before the tenant arrival or during the stay due to exceptional circumstances and events and beyond the control / responsibility of the rental company, or due to any other event as pictured above, for example weather hazards, avalanches, fire, water leakage or damage, damage caused by the previous tenant, technical, electrical problems, problems related to access, safety of people, property, freezing of pipes, blocked or blocked pipes or other circumstances, deterioration of the property by the previous tenant, municipal decree etc…

The lessor can take contacts with other tourism organisms in order to find an accommodation for the arriving tenant; this may results in a different accommodation type with lower capacity and / or located in another massif without any obligation of result by fact and law.

No relocation refund shall be due to or requested by the lessor.

A relocation process in the alpine park can be undertaken by the lessor or by a booking centre. As this procedure is not mandatory or contractual, no appeal can be made by the tenant, even if the latter refuses the proposal(s).

In this case, there is not any obligation of result. The customer shall not be in power to exercise any appeal, even if no relocation proposal is offered by the lessor or by the tourism office of the massif.

For major and exceptional events, as mentioned above, happening before or during the stay, no appeal is possible; the lessor may offer the customer a commercial gesture helping him to find another accommodation in the Alpine park. The lessor has no obligation as far as it is concerned ; the additional amount due for rent and others fees will be fully borne to the tenant.

It is the tenant responsibility to claim for compensation through his own insurance company under the competent clause damage / cancellation / interruption of stay. Therefore, no interruption or cancellation of the reservation can give the customer the right to ask any refund, indemnity or damage to the lessor, for any reason whatsoever.

An insurance / cancellation contract is suggested and proposed to our customers, our partner offering a contract.

Customers are invited to subscribe the cancellation insurance directly from our partners or from their bank through the contract provided by their means of payment (Credit or Debit Card).

In case of early departure by customer choice, he shall inform the lessor within 24 hours at the latest by text, e-mails and / or mail before leaving the premises.

There shall be no refund under these terms.

The tenant shall immediately informs the lessor or his representative in order to carry out the inventory of fixtures of exit and to settle all the sums due before his departure, all the expenses related to the procedure shall be charged to the tenant and shall be settle at his departure.


The temporary interruption of the general services as stop of heating, hot and cold water, electricity, gas, etc… is exceptional but can occur.

Likewise for public services with problems of: water pipes, electricity, telephone, access etc…

During the stay, the interruptions shall not justify a discount of the rent if they are caused by foreign and / or exceptional circumstances not depending on the lessor will and responsibility.

If interruptions of general services are caused by the customer negligence, repairs and interventions required shall be full responsibility of the customer present in the rental at the time of the deterioration or disaster.

These general services issues shall not result in any compensation request from the tenant.

The lessor shall put all the means in place to limit the problem and regain the comfort and functionality of the accommodation.


In the event of exceptional circumstances, fortuitous, lasting, unpredictable events beyond the control of the lessor and interrupting partially or completely the stay during its course for example the operation of the general services, heating, hot and cold water, electricity, water and evacuation of the sewer, telephone, interior and exterior access to the rental, the tenant cannot turn against the lessor and he cannot request to be refunded of the sums paid, or claim compensation for damaged during his stay.

The tenant shall leave the premises free in case of necessity or emergency in order to facilitate the repairs and he shall accept the inconvenience of these reparations in case of continuity of the stay.

The lessor may propose to the lessor another of his rentals if possible and available, without any obligation of result, the lessor can also help to find with other tourist organisms one or more accommodation in the Alpine Park to allow the tenant to complete his stay. The additional sums due for the new rent and related fees shall be fully borne by the tenant.

It is responsibility of the tenant to contact his own insurance company to claim for any damage and apply the cancellation and interruption of stay clause.

In the case of negligence caused by the tenant and resulting in the partial or total cessation of the general services designated above, all costs related to the necessary repairs shall be borne fully by the tenant and payable during his stay. The lessor shall not have any obligation of result in finding one or more replacement accommodations. The tenant shall leave the premises free if necessary to carry out the repairs and he shall accept the inconvenience of the reparations in the event of continuity of the stay.

The tenant shall sign a declaration of damage during the stay and before making any reparation inside the property, this procedure allow the customer to inform his insurer.

In the case of a replacement accommodation is available, any relocation activity shall remain the full responsibility of the tenant, the costs related to the relocation are borne by the tenant, no compensation or damage can be requested.

Due to the difficulties experienced in season to obtain the intervention of qualified professionals or specialized companies, the rental company decline any responsibility for the delay which could be brought to the realization of the necessary repairs and interventions, the lessor commit to use all means to bring the situation back to normal as quick as possible.

The tenant shall accept, without claim any discount of the rent and without asking for indemnities, all repairs and works carried out needed by the lessor, which urgency and necessity appear during the stay.

In the event that the drainage pipes of sinks, baths, showers, sinks, toilets, etc. are blocked, the reparation shall be fully responsibility of the tenant present on the premises, those reparations shall take place immediately after notifying the rental company or the manager on site.

The repair service shall be provided by a company or by a person responsible for maintenance and shall be paid by the tenant at the time of the intervention.


The tenant shall check- in on the specified day and at the times mentioned in the contract or during the SMS exchanges before his arrival, or at the latest before 4.30 p.m.

In case of late or delayed arrival or last minute incapacity, the tenant shall inform NEIGESOLEIL via on-call telephone by text no later than 10:00 a.m, the day of arrival.

The staff leaves the reception at 5:00 p.m ; therefore, your check-in shall be carried out before this time.

No derogation can be made for a request of arrival after 5:00 p.m.

No customer will be able to access the accommodation if the deposits have not been paid. In case of a last minute reservation, payment of the deposits by Credit Card is mandatory and shall be done before entering the premises.

The inventory of fixtures of entrance is mandatory.

No key delivery is made in the absence of a contradictory inventory of fixtures.

In the case of a late arrival (after 6 p.m), the reception will be postponed to 12 a.m on the following day for the contradictory inventory of fixtures and the delivery of the keys.

The guest staying in a hotel or other accommodation at his full expense without possibility of asking NEIGESOLEIL a prejudice.



If the tenant voluntarily delays his arrival, he shall inform the lessor by email and registered letter at the latest 48 hours before the start of the stay.

If the customer does not respect the time of the reception appointment fixed in common a few days before arrival, the waiting hours of the staff will be at his full charge.

If the customer does not notify his absence and does not show up the day and hours mentioned on the contract, after a period of 24 hours (namely Sunday 5:00 p.m.) and without prior notice sent by registered letter or email, the contract shall be considered ended, the payment of the reservation and the balance shall remain possession of the lessor, who can freely dispose of his rental with immediate effect, releasing it on the market for future customers without any recourse possible.

The costs due to changes of date or time of arrival by the customer will be borne entirely by the tenant. Indeed, the customer must notify the host by SMS no later than 1 p.m. of his delay. Otherwise, the costs of waiting and travel of the staff will be due. Indicative, 40.00 € / hour, 40.00 € a trip.

6 p.m. being the latest possible time, after 6 p.m. the customer will have to wait the next day at noon to enter the rental.

If the lessor or his representative is unable to proceed to the inventory of fixtures of entrance due to a last minute impediment or a late arrival of the customer which has been planned with the lessor at least 7 days before, an exceptional procedure can be put in place to hand over the keys. (Ditto for a last minute reservation).

The tenant shall respect a rigorous deadline (before 5 p.m. the following day) to report to the lessor or his representative any verifiable anomaly. After this period and with any notifications from the tenant, the rental shall be considered free of damage.

In the case of a late arrival (after 6 p.m.) consecutive or not to a last minute reservation and authorized by the accommodation provider, the payment of the deposit must in all cases have been made beforehand by transfer (proof of the transfer must be provided), STRIPE or LYDIA, or CB payment via our secure platform.

The day after the tenant arrival at 12 p.m. , the manager in charge of the reception shall regularize the state of arrival, which shall be signed by both parties.

The services, taxes or additional balance and other benefits due under the stay shall be settled.

During a specific procedure as defined above, the EDF electricity meter reading shall be carried out as soon as the customer arrives in the premises sending the photo of the index by MMS as soon as the reading is taken.

Otherwise, the index that is considered shall be the one noted at the exit of the previous client.

Failing to follow this specific procedure, the tenant shall be exposed to the terms of the rental contract and its annexes.

The tenant shall read and accepts in fact and in law the rental terms and conditions, which are attached to the rental contract.

A copy of the inventory of fixtures is filled and signed by the tenant and the lessor or his representative at the arrival and departure from the accommodation.

This procedure is mandatory.

This procedure is the only reference in the event of a dispute concerning the inventory. The tenant is required to take care of the accommodation, as he would do with his own home.

The state of cleanliness of the accommodation at the tenant arrival is notify and recorded in the inventory. The cleaning of the premises is the responsibility of the client during the rental period and before his departure.

The check-in is at 4:30/ 5:00 pm on Saturdays or before 4:30 pm if the rental is available. The reception staff leaves at 5:00 p.m.

On weekend, the check-in may be done in the late morning. The departure is at 5:00 p.m.

The reception is done with the lessor or his representative and two people from the tenant’s group. During the reception, the rest of the group and the luggage shall remain outside. The check-in is the opportunity to regularize the administrative file if necessary, to show the accommodation, to take note of the EDF indexes and to give the keys to the tenant.

If on the tenant arrival, or during the stay, one or more people are added to the composition (within the limit of the maximum standard capacity), the tenant shall report it without any delay to the lessor.

A supplement is requested for each additional person if this modification influences the “standards” capacity of the rental (visit the E-Shop on the web site).

The full description / inventory of the furniture and kitchenware is available on the website in the Guest Area. A copy is also given to the tenant at his arrival and shall be signed with the customer during the inventory of fixtures.

Documents are available in the guest area of the website : www.chaletleden.com

All para-hoteliers services and tourist taxes shall be settled at the time of payment of the balance, as well as all documents, contracts, annexes, insurance certificates and cautions shall be sent and formalised 35 days before reception.

In the case of a last-minute stay the customer shall provide the full payment of the stay, the payment of the deposit, the administration fees, the additional options, the tourist tax and shall send the holiday insurance certificate and the guest list. These documents and regulations are mandatory before entering the premises. Payment by credit card will be the only way of payment in the event of a last-minute stay.

Failure to provide the guest list completed with surname, name and birth-date shall result in a tourist tax which amount is set on the maximum number of people that the rental can accommodate, composition converted into adults.


The customer will not be able to avail himself of staying in the premises beyond the time mentioned by text the day before. Failing that, a bailiff’s report will be made with an immediate complaint to the gendarmerie.

The contradictory inventory of fixtures of exit shall be carried out preferably with the same two people who carried it out at the arrival. The inventory is mandatory.

The inventory of fixture of the end of the stay starts from 9:00 a.m, at the latest 9:30 a.m or 10:00 a.m. with the prior agreement of NEIGESOLEIL at the latest the day before. In any case, it is the host that will decide in the last resort the time of exit taking into account the exit schedules of the customers elaborated 72 hours before the departures of the customers.

The day before the tenant is informed by text of the departure methods and the instructions to follow while leaving the rental in order and in perfect state of cleanliness. In the guest area, the customer can find all the information at his disposal, instructions, checklist, etc…

In case of breakage or damage, the tenant shall proceed with their repairs. Otherwise he will be invoiced and charged.

The rental shall be emptied of all its occupants and luggage without exception in order to facilitate the inventory of fixtures and all verification required to complete the process.

The tenant undertakes to contact the lessor or his representative on Thursday by SMS, 48 hours before his departure, to inform him of a possible early departure (the day before or Saturday before 09:00 a.m, if that is his choice).

The order of departures is established by call order. In the absence of a call from the tenant, the lessor shall unilaterally decide the departure time by going directly to the rental and start without any delay the inventory.

In case of early departure of the tenant, a specific key delivery is provided. An unilateral inventory of fixture is carried out by the lessor. The report is sent with all comments by SMS, emails and postal mail. The customer shall notify 24 hours before his early departure and pay all charges due. If the inventory of fixtures reveals disorder, breakage, deterioration, dirty rental, the deposit(s) shall be immediately held partially or totally, in fact and in law.

In the event that there is not any booking after the end of the customer stay, and if the tenant requested to extend his stay before his arrival, it may be possible for him to extend his reservation of the rental after written agreement from NEIGESOLEIL.

The rental shall be returned in perfect condition, clean, tidy, clean dishes, household appliances and furniture in order, empty and clean trashcans, blankets and duvets folded at the foot of the bed, mattress pads, and duvets clean. Failure to comply with this clause results in costs for housekeeping service which must be borne by the tenant and which are withdrawn in part or in full on the amount of the “household” deposit and if necessary on the “damage-deterioration-disorders-missing” deposit.

The cost of reorganization and cleaning shall be set, if it is not carried out by the tenant, in accordance with the inventory of fixtures of the entrance.

At the end of the contradictory inventory of fixtures, the tenant shall pay all the sums due under the remaining charges.

The customer shall settle any disputes in the event that the inventory of fixtures mentions breakage(s), deterioration(s), missing(s) object(s) or a dirty or messy rental (amicable resolution).

A copy of the inventory of the end of the stay is given to the customer. The deposit shall be returned within 21 days in the absence of litigation.

In the event of non-fulfilment of the inventory of the end of the stay, due to a different departure time that the one scheduled in the contract or proposed by the lessor, the latter shall unilaterally carry out the inventory on the scheduled time. The lessor shall return the deposits within 21 days in the absence of any damage and if the premises are in perfect condition (cleanliness, furniture in order, kitchenware stored, bins emptied etc…).

In the event of non-fulfilment of the inventory of fixtures in contradictory with the customer due to an early departure, the lessor shall verify the presence of any breakage-disorder-damage-deterioration in the rental.

The lessor shall inform the tenant by text, by e-mail, if necessary, and by registered letter within 8 days.

The tenant, in any case, in all situations, and before leaving the premises, shall pay the amount due (EDF consumptions, firewood, services, options, pet fee, baby kit etc…).

Upon receipt of text and letters, the customer shall pay by credit card via our secure platform the amount related to the inventory of fixtures of the end of the stay.

Otherwise, the deposit(s) shall be partially or totally held in fact and in law without any delay.

In case of dispute, a final amicable quote is sent to the tenant, this offer is set on a quote made by professionals or by the reservation centre.

In this case, the deposit “breakage-deterioration-missing-disorder and cleaning not carried out” shall be held, deducted from the amount due and returned to the tenant within eight weeks or at the end of the process. The deposit is returned after deduction of the cost of the work necessary for the restoration of the rental, which is quoted by the lessor, and after adding the extra costs due to the procedure. If the deposit is not enough, the tenant shall have 72 hours to complete the provision.

If a customer refuse to pay for the damage caused, the lessor may be call upon the service of a bailiff and / or to the competent courts for cost recovery.

Only the court linked to the lessor’s head office shall be competent without any possible derogation to this choice of forum clause.



The “damage-deterioration-disorders-missing objects” deposit is used for the replacement of damaged and missing objects, costs of restoring order, for all damage caused in the rental noted in the inventory of fixtures of exit, for any service provider intervened during the stay or for any litigation in which the tenant is liable in accordance with this rental contract and its endorsements.

The “household” deposit is used if the cleaning is not done or poorly done.

Deposits are be cashed upon deposit.

The deposits are not be cashed after the client’s departure if the rental is returned in a perfect condition, strictly identical to the condition at the time of the tenant arrival.

In the event of breakage of equipment, deterioration or negligence, the tenant is asked to provide replacement immediately. Failing the reparation, the cost shall be withdrawn, partially or totally, from the “breakage-deterioration-missing-disorder” deposit. The amount is equal to the replacement cost of the object or the costs of restoration.

In the event of cleaning not carried out or badly carried out, the cost shall be withdrawn, partially or totally, from the “household” deposit.

If the security deposits are not sufficient, the tenant agrees to improve the amount immediately after the signature of the inventory of fixtures of the end of the stay made by or with the lessor. In case of an early departure, the tenant shall have 72 hours to perfect the provision if necessary. Beyond this period, the sums shall be recovered automatically.

At the customer arrival in the accommodation, a safety deposit or guarantee is requested by the lessor.

The “damage-deterioration-disorders-missing objects” deposit amount depends on the period of the stay, the type of accommodation and the number of the guests.

In general, the amount corresponds to 2/3 of the price of the stay with a minimum mentioned below :

  • Duplex « LE PANORAMIQUE » = 1 000.00 € minimum
  • Ground floor « LE PLEIN SUD » = 1 000.00 € minimum
  • Ground floor « L’EDELWEISS » = 600.00 € minimum

The amount of the “household” deposit is :

  • Duplex « LE PANORAMIQUE » = 450.00 €
  • Ground floor « LE PLEIN SUD » = 350.00 €
  • Ground floor « L’EDELWEISS » = 200.00 €

After the contradictory inventory of fixtures of the end of the stay, this deposits are refunded, integrally or partially, deducted of the cost of restoration if deterioration, disorders, missing objects or dirt were observed.

In case of early departure preventing the inventory of fixtures to take place on the day scheduled, the lessor returns the deposit within 21 days maximum if the rental is left in perfect condition.

The deposits are held in law and in fact in the event of dispute and if no amicable agreement with the tenant is possible or in the event of no response from the customer, after the reception of text, e-mails and letters (simple or registered).

The customer shall pay both deposits at the time of the balance of the reservation, 35 days before the arrival. They are necessary to coverall disputes over the regulation of rent, charges, services chosen, and in the event of deterioration, negligence, missing items, breakage of equipment, reordering or repairing, or poor cleaning when leaving the premises.

Deposits are returned to the tenant within 21 days from his departure (after deduction caused by any missing or damaged items, any costs of repairing due to breakages or deterioration, disorders, dirt or in the event of partial or total absence of cleaning, missing rent regulations, charges, various benefits due, etc…).

If the customer is unable to make two banks checks for the security deposits, 2 options are possible and mandatory :

  • Payment by Credit Card before arrival ;
  • Cash on the day of arrival.

In the absence of any dispute, the security deposits are returned by bank transfer within 72 hours, the bank charges inherent in this transaction are deducted automatically.

If the deposit is paid at the costumer arrival by Credit Card or cash, it is returned by bank transfer upon departure if the inventory does not report any negative observation and the cleaning has been rigorously carried out.

For the 2 options above in the event of a dispute, the clauses provided shall apply in order to recover the amounts due for cleaning, breakages, disorders, missing objects etc…

For reference purposes, here are some rates charged to the customer during the inventory of fixture in case of missing, dirty or deteriorated bedding (the full rates list is available in the Guest Area on the web site).

  • Missing or deteriorated bolsters or pillows cases = 23.00 € per unit
  • Missing or deteriorated mattress pads = 35.00 € per unit
  • Missing or deteriorated pillows and bolsters = 30.00 € per unit
  • Missing or damaged duvets and blankets = 100.00 € per unit
  • For baby mattresses (if not recoverable), 90 cm and 140 cm mattress full price of replacement
  • For cleaning mattress pads, 90 cm or 140 cm = 20.00 € per unit
  • For cleaning of duvets or blankets, 90 cm or 140 cm = 40.00 € per unit
  • For cleaning pillows and bolsters = 15.00 € per unit
  • For cleaning 90 cm mattress / baby mattress, 140 cm mattress = 140.00 € per unit
  • For cleaning sofa covers and sofa bed = 40.00 € per unit


The travel agency or the association through its representative, signatory of this rental contract shall engage its full and entire responsibility for the application of the legal clauses of this document and its annexes.

The responsibility of the travel agency or the association and the occupants shall applies as part of a full and entire joint and several liability for all the clauses of the rental contract and its annexes, during and after the stay.

For any dispute extending after a stay, the travel agency or the association and its occupants shall be jointly and solitarily liable, the preferred interlocutor being the travel agency signatory of the contract and legally responsible.

All amounts due during the reservation shall be paid by the travel agency (deposits, advances, balance, fees and guarantees, and all other charges provided by mutual agreement).

All amounts due at the end of a stay shall be paid without exception before departure from the premises by the travel agency or its occupants (electricity, bedding rental, final cleaning, damage and breakages costs, tourist tax, etc…). Packages and services shall be paid before arrival.

The travel agency or the association shall commit signing these terms to mention the name of the guest(s) and his/their address, and agree to specify very precisely the number of people present during the stay (adults, children 1 days to 5 years, pets).


Dogs and cats are allowed if the customer request it, the customer shall ensure that his pets do not cause any damage to other guests and to the property, limit to 3 animals.

The customer shall show up-to-date vaccination documents in order to comply with municipal decisions.

A supplement of 30.00 € per animal is requested.

A deposit of 150.00 € will be requested.


In case of sale, the current owner (seller) transfers the rental contract of a customer who has booked a stay to the new owner (buyer) under the same conditions.

For the client, no steps are to be taken.

In case the new owner (buyer) of the chalet «L’EDEN» does not want to rent to third parties as part of seasonal rentals the Duplex «LE PANORAMIQUE», the ground floor apartment «LE PLEIN SUD» or the ground floor apartment «L’EDELWEISS», 3 apartments forming part of the chalet «L’EDEN», in this case the owner seller will proceed to the pure and simple cancellation of the stay with the customer.

The seller owner will proceed to the strict refund of the amount collected de facto and de jure to the customer concerned without any prejudice or damages being claimed by the latter from the seller owner or the buyer owner.

The sale of a property in seasonal rentals is a specific, sudden, unpredictable case.

The client who booked a stay had been informed in advance when booking the stay by signing the terms and conditions that the risk could cover.

The customer had the choice before signing the terms and conditions to refuse this clause and not to book a stay taking into account the risk.

In the case that the customer accepts the conditions set out in the article 18, signs the terms and conditions without reservations, he takes and accepts the risk of fact and right of a cancellation of his stay in the case of a sale.


The customer is responsible for all damages caused by him during the stay.

He shall be covered by a holiday insurance contract for various risks.

The customer can supplement with a EuropAssistance / cancellation of stay contract.

A single certificate for the whole group is enough. It is mandatory.


The tenant shall authorize the lessor or his representative to access the rental in case of force majeure in order to fulfil his maintenance, to repair or to read the water and electric / EDF meter.


During a winter stay, the tenants, during his stay, shall ensure the snow removal of all personal and common parts of the rental, including parking for cars and shall take all the necessary precautions to protect the property and the installations against snow and frost, which can cause serious damage (see the clauses above). All rooms shall be heated, the usual precautions for the common spaces shall be taken, that means closing the doors in winter to prevent the pipes from freezing.


The general or tourist information present on the websites or in the welcome documentations, brochures, and leaflets, are not contractual. They are communicated only for information and are foreign to the rental contract. The rental contract shall commits the lessor and his customer exclusively on the rental, in no way the rental company can be held responsible for weather conditions, the state of the road network, the entertainment, the interruption of services for climatic reasons, any reasons exceptional not depending on the will of the rental company, any information or services which are no longer available or that are available under other conditions or any information that is erroneous or expired.

It is up to the customer to inform himself in advance about the environment, the station, the services offered on the massif and on the ski area through the Tourism Office OT, the ski lifts etc…


It is strictly forbidden to reproduce, partially or totally, the informative documents as well as the pictures of the chalets and apartments, or to exploit them without the written authorization of the host. In the event of the non-respect of this clause a prosecution may be initiated for illicit and fraudulent use of documents or pictures without prior written authorization.


Any customer who by retaliation would spread on the internet or any other support of false and slanderous opinions, questioning the probity of NEIGESOLEIL, relating facts with the aim of harming the image and interests of NEIGESOLEIL will be immediately prosecuted.
Screenshots will be made by judicial officers, complaints will be filed and proceedings will be initiated without delay by our law firms.


Only the GCS signed with NEIGESOLEIL have validity in the contractual aspect with our client.

No hosting platform will be able to claim even if the customer has gone through this platform to book a stay so that the terms and conditions of said platforms supplement those of NEIGESOLEIL.
By signing the GCS, the customer confirms that he accepts this clause without reserve.


In the event of a dispute, the parties shall endeavour to reach an amicable agreement.

In the impossibility of finding an amicable agreement or in the lacking of response from the customer to text, emails and letters, the host shall withhold the deposits by fact and law.

The GCS, General Conditions of Sales, which establish the Rental Conditions, are validated by the customer with electronic signature before the payment of the deposit directly on our website www.chaletleden.com

In case the customer does not have proceed to a digital signature, he can initial this and sign it with the sentence “Read and approved”.

Ticking the box (acceptance of the General Conditions of Sales) before the payment confirms that the customer has read these GCS and accepts all the clauses.

The digital signature of the customer, which is mandatory at the time of booking and before any payment, confirms by fact and law the reading and agreement of these rental general terms, it legally state the agreement, without any restrictions or objections, to the clauses of the GCS.

The digital signature of these GCS legally counts in fact and law as the mentions “Read and approved” and “Good for agreement”.



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